Preserving your Trophy for a Lifetime!

About Us

Here at Nature’s Accent Taxidermy I have spent years studying the anatomy and facial expressions of the animals I work on, including studying live animals. I have also studied with World and National champion taxidermists and instructors. I continue to attend seminars and trade shows and have recently won several awards.

Colorado trophy elkIf your only objective is to spend as little as possible on your mount then we may not be the taxidermist for you, however if you are looking for the finest taxidermy available for your mount then you give us a try; you won’t be disappointed!   We are not a high production studio trying to mount as many deer heads as possible rather we spend more time on each piece to ensure it is a masterpiece. If you want your mount to truly be a “one of a kind” then you should give us a call and see what a true wildlife artist can do for you.

From highly detailed faces to bulging muscles your trophy will only lack breath and heartbeat. We specialize in pedestal game heads from around the world with much emphasis being put into the design in order to display it artistically and truly capture the beauty of your trophy.

Wildlife art is my passion, but like you I am also an avid hunter and outdoorsman and I know how hard you work for your trophy and how much it means to you.

I look forward to working for you and making your trophy a beautiful piece of art that you will be proud to display for the rest of your life.

Bennuel Lapp