How To: Properly Maintain & Clean Your Taxidermy Mounts

Deer, Elk, Moose, Etc.

Animal mounts such as deer or elk, can be cleaned by spraying with a light mist of Mount Medix brand Mount Cleaner & Protector over the fur and and gently wiping dry with a paper towel.

For the eyes, moisten a q-tip with Windex and gently swab the eyes to clean.

Furry Animals

For furry animals, such as bear, lions, or small game, gently wipe down the entire mount with Mount Protector with a soft cloth. Then use a hair dryer on low heat to fluff up the fur.


Birds are especially fragile, and great care must be taken when cleaning them. To remove dust, and restore the shine and lustre of those beautiful feathers, use a feather duster and lightly swish over the feathers from the head towards the tail and feet.

Fish & Reptiles

Fish are simple to clean because they are sealed. They can simply be wiped off with a damp towel or glass cleaner.

Note: If Mount Medix Cleaner is not available, you can use Windex as an optional substitute.